Quality Broadband Needs to be Delivered

By February 8, 2017News, Property

“The availability of a quality broadband service,” is essential if the Rural Action Plan is to be a success. That’s according to Jonathan Quinn of Property Partners Quinn Bros based in Longford.

Property Partners, the nationwide group of long established estate agents has broadly welcomed the announcement by the Taoiseach of the €60 million action plan ‘Realising our Rural Potential’.

The plan proposes to invest up to €60 million into rural towns and villages over the next three years. The plan has been designed to encourage people to remain in their own locality.

Ronán Long, Chairman of Property Partners, “For all too long, as a result of the international trend towards urbanisation, our rural towns and villages have simply been forgotten. They are the heartbeat of our country. It is essential that young people when leaving school, are provided with a viable local alternative to city living.

“This requires the availability of appropriate housing, services and employment opportunities. Over the last ten years, this simply has not been an option as the opportunity gap widened between urban and rural living.”

The government’s new plan extends over three years. There are 240 recommendations and proposals in the overall plan which seems somewhat ambitious. A core group of key areas must be targeted. One of these needs to be the immediate delivery of high speed broadband to the 1.8 million people in Ireland who currently do not have access to this basic service. It is vital for day to day living.

Jonathan Quinn of Property Partners Quinn Bros, remarked, “The availability of a quality broadband service to all individuals is as fundamental a requirement today as the delivery of electricity was in 1960’s Ireland. It is incumbent on the government to deliver this without delay. People have a right to this service.

“The National Broadband Plan was unveiled as far back as 2012 and to date no physical work has commenced. It is fundamental for business but even for quality of living people require quality broadband in their homes, it’s often one of main requirements of people buying houses at present.”

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