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How We Sell your Property

We start with a free property appraisal where we will give you an honest opinion as to the value of the property. Over-pricing a property to win a vendor’s business is the oldest trick in the estate agency book. If two agents value your home and one is significantly more optimistic, it’s hard to resist going with them. But this can be detrimental to the sale. An over-priced property risks getting no buyer interest, the agent lets it drag for weeks and months, only to ask you to lower your price again and again and the property goes what is known as ‘Stale on the Market’.

We will always tell you what we really believe your property will achieve. We will advise you of the best strategy going to market, advise on any changes to the property that should be completed to enhance the presentation.

These will be our recommendations, but at all times we recognize you, the seller, is the boss and we will be guided by your wishes & instructions.

Contact us now for your free appraisal and advice on selling your home.

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“Your property is worth what someone is willing to pay. Our job is to find the person who is willing to pay the most”.

Marketing Your Property

In order to find that ideal buyer we create a marketing campaign for each property. The key elements of our marketing campaign consists of:

 Web Marketing

The internet has become an essential tool when marketing your property. It’s not as simple as just having it on the internet. It’s having it where people will visit regularly. We advertise your property on all the major websites:

  • is the busiest portal site in Ireland and provides the database for a number of other property sites such as All of our new listings get a premium advert on Daft, which means it stays near the top of the listings for over a month.
  •  is particularly strong with enquiries from the Dublin, Meath and Kildare area.
  • Our own website has been popular in this local area. It is crucial for our colleagues in property partner offices across the country, to access your property details for potential clients in their area.

When a buyer identifies a property online, they are hungry for as much information as possible. We put full brochure details online with additional photos.

To maximise internet views and generate interest, it’s critical to judge your guide price correctly and have as good a main photo as possible. So your advert stands out on a page of listings.


A signboard is the cheapest form of advertising and is very effective in conveying a lot of information. A buyer can see the property, knows it’s for sale, can assess the local area and knows who to contact.

Social Media

While active on Twitter & Facebook, we focus our marketing on Facebook. It’s cheap and can be targeted to a very captive audience. We include a sponsored post on Facebook with a link to the property advert. The post is often about an interior look or garden or a video montage and is not a direct sale, more a teaser and would typically get up to c. 2,000 – 7,000 views with subsequent link clicks.

High Quality Photo’s

With the internet being the primary way people search for property,  good photos are crucial to encourage viewings. A bad photo, not reflecting what the room looks like, can leave a lasting poor impression. All our photography is professional grade, using a wide angle lens on a high specification camera to maximise the content within the photos’. We also use computer software to brighten and give a true impression of the rooms. A bright main photo with blue sky in the background is essential to make your property stand out in search results on internet listings.


We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our brochures. Our aim is that the brochure for your property will stand out from others in terms of practical information, photos etc. We have invested in a large scale printer that allows very high quality printing on a thicker satin paper. Photos are printed in fine detail and the brochure is less likely to rip or degrade like standard paper would.

We have always provided a high level of detail with individual room measurements & color floor plan layouts. We will provide a copy of the brochure for you and we would ask that you check over the details to ensure accuracy or to highlight features we have not mentioned, which you believe makes your property unique.


There is nothing worse than being shown around a property by someone who hasn’t a clue. We will ensure that all viewings are accompanied by one of our staff members who will be briefed with full information about your property.

We would ask that the house be vacant during the viewing, as you get more honest feedback from the potential buyers and often you can ease potential worries they may have about the property.

Advice & Support

We are always available to help guide you through the process. We are happy to answer any questions, as it is important that you are comfortable with the marketing campaign.  We are confident, given the depth of our experience and knowledge, that we can address any issue.