Selling your Property? Creating a Good First Impression

By February 9, 2017News, Property

When buying a home a gut feeling is very important and your first impression can often be lasting. Therefore if you are selling, creating a visual appeal and showing off your rooms and space is vital.

The Internet is likely the first interaction a buyer will have with your property, where high quality photo’s make a huge difference to the impression given. So, don’t wait until the property is on the market to declutter or paint your house.

Prior to photo’s being taken, carry out a comprehensive decluttering of any unneeded items. Wide angle lens’s and software can maximise the brightness and room size in pictures, to give a truer impression of what the rooms look like. However too much stuff in a photo distracts and will not give an impression of space. A buyer wants to see how they can live in the house.

Giving houses with heavy wear & tear or a tired décor a lick of paint can give a clean fresh look to rooms. Bright neutral colours are safest, as they can provide a blank canvas for the buyer and brighten up the rooms. However from a photo point of view, can sometimes look bland so take care that the colours chosen will work well.

Kerb appeal. After viewing on the internet, a potential buyer may often drive around the area and take a look at the house externally to get a feel for the place.  Cut the grass, get rid of any old pots or visible bins, cut back hedges or trees that may block sunlight or access to the house. Make sure the gutters are not overflowing with weeds & grass. Again this work should be done prior to the photo’s being taken, internet search results use a small thumbnail of the front photo, so it’s vital this looks as good as possible.

Viewings. This is where a proper decluttering show’s it true benefits. We are not talking about creating a show house but removing enough personal items so that the focus is on the character of the house and not the occupants. You are selling space and the lifestyle, it’s important that the viewer can accurately see the property and not be distracted. Preferably box away items you don’t need to use. If you have a lot of kid’s toys, make sure these are just in one room and not spread throughout the house.

Naturally the house should be clean but don’t panic if it’s not immaculate, viewers understand that the property is lived in. That being said, beds should be made & clothes put away. Bathrooms and utility rooms are often forgotten about when cleaning but are of great interest to buyers.

If you have pets make sure they are left outside or preferably taken away from the house during viewings. Some love pets, some don’t.  It’s important to air the house before viewings and remove items like the dog’s bed or litter trays, scented candles can help remove stale odours.

Show how the space can work. Do you have an unused bedroom that’s filled with Junk ?  A room too small to be a bedroom ? Show how these spaces can be used. The small room might make an ideal study, put in some shelves, a desk and chair. The junk room should be cleared and put a bed in to show off the size and potential.

Light & Bright. Most buyers are looking for lots of natural light and brightness. It’s important to maximise this. Get rid of net curtains and make sure curtains are pulled back for viewings. Windows should also be spotless. This is where bright & neutral paint colour on walls can lift the look of a room.

Small details and Clichés.  The lingering smell of freshly baked bread or brewed coffee have become caricatures but they do work, along with fresh flowers and scented candles they can set the right mood. However don’t forget having all the light bulbs working and have some heating on during likely viewing hours, particularly important if you are typically away at work all day with the heating turned off.

Your Agent…… Hopefully us, will help you with advice as to what we recommend, remember we are not trying to criticize you or the property but to best create a good impression for potential buyers. Your family home is more often than not your greatest financial asset, make sure you maximise the opportunity.

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